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Childhood abandonment evokes difficulties with core emotional competencies of safety, satisfaction, and connection. The program will define and discuss different types of abandonment that occur in early childhood, in relation to its impact on adult attachment behaviors, complex fear reactions with separation anxiety, adjustment difficulties with grief/loss, and dysregulation of the nervous system. The foremost treatment strategies will be reviewed.

Learning Objectives

Define components of abandonment – physically and emotionally. Identify how abandonment effects basic necessities of safety and security. Watch a clip of “Thony’s Eyes” as an example of complex childhood abandonment issues as it relates to adult relationships. Identify physiological impact of stress on the nervous system. Discuss the complex fear reaction as it relates to isolation, loss, and separation anxiety.

Speakers Bio

Dr. Tate-Scruse is a thriving mental health professional with a multitude of practical experiences within the public and private domains of behavioral health for over 15 years. Her experience working with emotionally unhealthy children, adolescents, adults, and disrupted families set the foundation for her career and professional wit. She now owns and operates a group mental health practice, Cohesive Counseling Associates PLLC, in Charlotte, NC serving clientele of all ages, including our American veterans. She is well versed on anxiety, depression, trauma, grief/loss, substance abuse, anger management, and more. She is additionally licensed in supervision and has an extensive background in counselor education, psychological consultation, and public speaking. Dr. Tate-Scruse is a 3-time author writing about various topics from domestic violence, substance abuse, and the journey of self-care from a mental health perspective. She has also transitioned one chapter of her first book into a short film, titled Thony, which is now available worldwide via Amazon Video on Demand. A sequel titled Thony’s Eyes was released in 2021. You can go to her website at for more information!

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